In today’s marketplace climate, nearly every CEO is hunting for ways to:

📊 save significant money;

📊 get more done with less people;

📊 avoid “self-inflicted” gap problems;

📊 make “turn on a dime” decisions, and

📊 get laser focused on revenue generating activities

But mid-size companies have the additional disadvantage of being too large to Pivot quickly – and small companies will struggle to Recover without access to extensive resources.

To help you successfully maneuver the messy middle, we begin with our signature Profit Finding Audit™

Profit Finding Audit™

Prescription Without Diagnosis Is Malpractice

The Profit Finding Audit™ examines the strength of your foundation, exposes hidden cracks in your pillars, and assesses the true health of your infrastructure.

Then during an executive debrief session, we share our findings with recommendations for high impact customer driven solutions to increase quality, loyalty and profitabilityfrom the inside out.

While every service-based company has unique nuances, when small and mid-size companies bring us in, we always find profit trapped in one or more areas:


Engaged employees yield 89% greater customer satisfaction and 50% higher loyalty.


85% of failure to meet customer expectation is a deficiency in process, not in the employee.


80% of companies believe they give superior service but only 8% of customers agreed.