After over 2 decades as a Profit & Performance Advisor, I am still surprised by businesses that make it difficult for people to give them money.

Here are 3 customer experiences I had in the last 7 days. Use each scenario to examine your business.

Scenario #1 is a Process problem

I spent an hour trying to purchase a magazine that is not available at my local store.

  1. I had to Google the magazine name to find the website because their URL has nothing to do with the name of the magazine.
  2. I searched their website for a way to purchase the magazine and found none.
  3. I located their Facebook Page and read 12 months of posts, looking for a link to purchase the magazine. There was plenty of talk about the magazine but no mention of how to buy one.

Make it EASY for people to give you money! #ThatMakesProfitableSense

Scenario #2 is a People problem

While researching software, I contacted live chat and told them I was 99% sold but had a feature question.

The representative was very polite but fell short of the sale by telling me the software did not allow me to choose dates and times… (period). They said nothing more and the conversation ended.

With a little thought, I came up with 3 ways to work around the missing feature. My request is common for that software type and had they been more proactive – I would now be a customer.

Train your staff to go beyond answers. Customers buy solutions. #ThatMakesProfitableSense:

Scenario #3 is a Performance problem

In a retail store . . . I could not find an item, I could not find an employee, and I could not find an open cash register . . . but I did find the exit.

In this Experience Economy, exceptional service is now the expectation. #ThatMakesProfitableSense

The problems with business profit are always your People, your Process, and/or your Performance! The solutions for your business profit are always your People, your Process, and/or your Performance!

In fact, I am 100% certain you have profit trapped inside your company… right now! Let me know how I can help you set it free!

Originally published by Linette Montae on LinkedIn August 26, 2015